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For those experiencing it for the first time, hair loss may be a stressful and upsetting condition. Although there are many therapy options available, not all of them are equivalent. Growth factor concentrate (GFC) is one of the most promising options currently available for treating hair loss.

GFC Treatment
What is The Purpose of GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) Treatment?

Medical therapy involving the use of a patient’s own blood plasma, known as growth factor concentrate (GFC), has been shown to be the Best Solution For Hair Loss. The treatment relies on the idea that high concentrations of growth factors naturally found in the body’s plasma may activate dormant hair follicles and spur new hair growth.

During a GFC treatment session, a small quantity of blood is collected from the patient’s arm and processed in a centrifuge to separate the growth factor concentrate (GFC) from the rest of the blood components. The concentrated growth factors are then injected back into the scalp using a very small needle.

What is The Mechanism of Action of GFC Treatment?

GFC treatment works because it contains growth factors that activate dormant hair follicles and cause them to produce new hair. These growth factors, which are proteins found naturally in the body, are essential for the development, repair, and upkeep of cells. They may increase hair growth when concentrated and injected directly into the scalp. Furthermore, the existing hair is strengthened and thickened by GFC for hair loss therapy.

Who Would Benefit Most From GFC Treatment?

Anyone suffering from hair thinning or loss may benefit from GFC therapy. Androgenetic alopecia (also known as male or female pattern baldness) and alopecia areata (an autoimmune ailment that causes hair loss) are two conditions that benefit greatly from this treatment. In addition, it helps those who have had a hair transplant recover more quickly and get greater results from their procedure.

What Side Effects May You Anticipate From GFC Treatment?

The GFC therapy for hair loss is a fast and painless process that takes just approximately an hour to finish. The injection site may be red and swollen immediately after the treatment, but this is normal and should go away within a few hours.

In most cases, a series of three to six treatments spread out over a period of four to six weeks is the most effective course of action. It’s possible that more treatments to keep the effects stable will be required.

Does GFC Treatment Come With Any Dangers or Adverse Effects?

Since the patient’s own blood is used in GFC therapy, there is no chance of an allergic response or other negative side effects. There is a slight chance of infection or bleeding at the injection site, but this is true of any medical operation. Before you have the operation, your doctor will talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Is it possible to combine GFC therapy with other options for hair loss?

A. Combining GFC therapy with other hair loss therapies like minoxidil or finasteride may increase the effectiveness of each.

  1. How long till I start to feel better after starting GFC treatment?

A. Although everyone responds differently to GFC treatment, most people start to notice effects within three to four months.

  1. When it comes to expanding hairlines, is GFC treatment applicable?

A. Yes, GFC treatment may be used to grow hair in other places on the body, such as the beard or eyebrows.

Treatment for baldness or thinning hair with growth factor concentrate (GFC) has been shown to be safe and effective. It’s a non-invasive method that uses the patient’s own blood plasma to stimulate hair growth. Contact us today and start your journey to head full of healthy hair.