Moles, Skin tags & Warts removal

Moles (nevi) are pigmented growths on the skin that occur when melanocytes, or pigmented skin cells develop in clusters. They are pigmented (brown) and have hair. Moles have a broad base and go deep into the skin, whereas, the skin on the mole remains soft.
Moles are non-contagious and typically develop in sun-exposed areas including the arms, face, back, and torso. Certain individuals are predisposed to develop moles, which are stimulated by solar exposure. Therefore, if you frequently observe these small benign growths appearing on your skin, implement additional UV protection to prevent the formation of more.

While most of the moles are harmless, they can be unsightly or cause irritation.


Warts are skin growths that are caused by a type of virus called the human papillomavirus or HPV. There are more than a hundred types of HPV known to infect the skin, usually through an area of broken skin. HPV causes the top layer of skin to grow rapidly and this is what forms the warts.

Warts penetrate deeply into the skin and have a wide base. They are colorless unless the skin where it’s formed has a color distinction and they do not have hair. The skin on the warts appears rough possibly with points on the surface. On the body, warts may appear anywhere.